GED Program:
  • Free Ged testing
  • Free Ged preparations
Sex Education:
  • Protection
  • HIV/AIDS and STDs

Youth Financial Literacy: Preparing Youth for Financial Responsibility:

  • Offers suggestions for developing formal financial curricula in schools; building community awareness of the need for financial education; and getting parents, educators, administrators, and students involved in the process. Youth Financial Literacy includes ways to educate young members on the value of saving, strategies for managing personal finances, and healthy credit practices.
  • It also covers:
    I. Developing highly focused relationships with youth
    II. Strengthening relationships with parents
    III. Providing training seminars for youth and parents
    IV. Building rapport with school systems
    V. Becoming involved in community programs for youth
    VI. Preparing Internet pages to educate youth
    VII. Developing a youth program as part of the credit union’s overall objectives and goals