The assessment is only to be completed for children that are 13-18 years old

Are you worried about your teen’s recent behavior?

  • You are not alone! Parents of troubled teens across the country are realizing that they need help dealing with a son or daughter that is making poor decisions. And they are discovering that they are not alone. While it can be devastating to learn that your child has fallen into the wrong crowd or has begun to make decisions that will destroy their lives, it is not something to be embarrassed about or to try to hide from others. It is a time to take action!

Where do I get help for my troubled teen?

  • As you begin to research what avenues of help are available, you will discover that there are many options. There are literally thousands of organizations designed to help troubled teens. Boot camps, specialty boarding schools, therapists, military schools, and group homes. And that list is just a scratch of the surface. However, New Beginning Youth Solid Foundation is established to help troubled teens.

Help for troubled teenagers parents

  • Teenage is a joint point of childhood and adulthood. In this period they find an unknown changing in their body and mind. So, due back guidance of others and less communication with parents they become troubled teen. Seeing child’s condition their parents also became frustrated. They feel bad and guilty for their kid’s behavior and habits. Then parents search a helpful atmosphere for self and for their children. Yes, special program and girls’ school will help unmotivated teenagers but, parent’s behavior with their children play an important role. Sometimes taking parent coaching helps to solve many problems.
  • We provide some solution for parents help. For example there are many boys’ military schools and summer programs which work continuously for teen’s treatment. These places are very helpful for struggling teen, girls and adolescents
  • There are many types of summer programs which help from different type’s physical and mental problem. But, New Beginning Youth Solid Foundationcan address both your child’s behavior and help them catch up academically and improve their work. And can give parents hope for their teen’s academic and professional working future.